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Victoria Benito is an interdisciplinary composer whose work draws upon a range of experimental, pop, classical and electronic sounds, film and visuals. Over the last couple of years, her work has been focused on everydayness, reflecting on her experience of the unromantic and mundane aspects of life. As a performer, she plays synthesisers and MIDI keyboards and uses her voice to create an often eccentric and whimsical dreamlike sound world. She is also a researcher and her own biographer.

Photo credit: May Wong



All the Noise Around Me [WATCH] – music and visuals


Livin' La Vida Local [WATCH] – for film and live string quartet

Written for Birmingham New Music (Birmingham, UK).


I'm noddin' my head like yeah movin' my hips like yeah [LISTEN] – for orchestra

Written for Alternative Orchestra (Birmingham, UK).


Love Me Tender [WATCH] – for piano, keyboard, synth and vocals

Arrangement of Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender, by Adam Parry-Davies and Victoria Benito. Performed in Birmingham.



Handmade Souvenirs (from the flat) [WATCH] – film and music

Written for CODA (Birmingham, UK).

distracting myself fr0m making music [WATCH] – for six players

Written for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire's Percussion Department (Birmingham, UK).


Cute Requiem [WATCH] – for five players

Written for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire's Percussion Department (Birmingham, UK).

All I Ever Do Is Orbit the Sun [WATCH] – for violin and viola

Written for Spitalfields Music (London, UK).

Pop Song Number 1: 'Love' [WATCH] – for six players

Written for Thallein Ensemble (Birmingham, UK).

You Can Vomit On Me If You Like [WATCH] – film and music

Six Disenchantments – for seven players

Written for Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (Birmingham, UK).

Exotic Music For a Penguin [LISTEN]  for small orchestra

Written for orkest de ereprijs (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands).

Softer Than Something That's Really Soft [WATCH] – for nine players

Written for Decibel (Birmingham, UK).



Another Piece About Football [WATCH] – field recording and electronic instruments

In collaboration with graphic designer and video artist Alicia Benito.

Waltz Ad Nauseam [LISTEN] for electronic instruments

Arrangement of Bill Evans' Waltz For Debby.

Music From the Day After the Day I Died [LISTEN] – recorded music and electric organ

This Is Another Work of Fiction But in a Sweet Way [LISTEN]  for string orchestra

Written for The Ripieno Players (Birmingham, UK).

(Theme and) Variations [WATCH] – for two players, tape and film

Written for Post-Paradise Series (Birmingham, UK).

Daydreaming – for many combinations of players

Written for Orchestra in the Shape of a Pear (Birmingham, UK).

Música para piano a cuatro manos – for six players

Written for Hard Rain Ensemble (Belfast, UK).


This Is Only a Work of Fiction [LISTEN]  for string orchestra

Written for the Orchestra of the Swan (Birmingham, UK).

Soneto [LISTEN] – field recording and recorded music


Not all of my pieces have public recordings. You can find the available ones on my SoundCloud page clicking here:


And this is my Vimeo page where I upload the music that I make that you can not only hear but also see:


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