I make music.

I'm Victoria, I'm based in Birmingham, UK, and I wrote my own bio in the third person

When she was just a baby,

     Victoria Benito was born in Madrid.

When she was three and a half years old, she translated Proust's In Search of Lost Time

     (into Esperanto).

After that, she stopped proving her outstanding skills

     but she won a drawing contest once.


She's been writing music for a few years already.
     Not too many, just a few.


She makes artistic decisions based on beautiful life experiences
     like swimming or falling in love.


She will demonstrate her exceptional intellectual talent again in 2064
     unless she's in Mars already.

Her dream is to become a court musician for the Ugandan royal family,

     but it is a republic.


Chamber music

Ya que así me miráis, miradme al menos (2016) – for wind quintet. 

Performed by Quinteto Enara in Madrid.


The Art of Not Being a Nomad (2017) – for five players.

Performed by Ensemble TAI in Madrid.


Zodiac (2018) – collaboration with Christine Cornwell and Elena García Verduras – for violin, cello, piano, electronics and visuals.

Performed at De Doelen, Rotterdam.


Y, además, no importa (2018) – for thirteen players. 

Performed by Ensemble TAI in Madrid.


Instructions on How to Wait for the Full Repast (2018) – for voice and tenor trombone. 

Performed at Batavierhuis, Rotterdam.


Música para piano a cuatro manos (2019) – for six players.

Performed by Hard Rain Ensemble in Birmingham.

Exotic Music For a Penguin (2020) – for fifteen players.

To be performed by orkest de ereprijs in Apeldoorn.

Softer Than Something That's Really Soft (2020) – for nine players.

To be performed by Decibel in Birmingham.

Orchestral music

This Is Only a Work of Fiction (2018) – for seventeen strings.

Performed by Orchestra of the Swan at RBC Concert Hall in Birmingham.

Daydreaming (2019) – for many combinations of players.

Performed by Orchestra in the Shape of a Pear in Birmingham.

This Is Another Work of Fiction but in a Sweet Way (2019) – for seventeen strings.

Performed by The Ripieno Players in Birmingham.

Electronic music

Soneto (2018)


Super Lovely and Delightful Christmas Carol (2018)

Music From the Day After the Day I Died (2019)

Film music

(2017) – Soundtrack for a series of documentaries about sea life, created by Omega Films.


Pepa (2017) – Soundtrack for the short film Pepa, directed by Juan Moyano. Premiered at Escuela TAI, Madrid.

Theater music

La Ronda (2017) – collaboration with composers Natalia Laguens and Guillermo Sánchez. Music for the adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's Reigen, directed by Víctor Velasco. Premiered at Teatro Pavón, Madrid.

Crave To Be (2017) – collaboration with composers Adrián Crespo Barba and Sam Wamper. Electronic music for dance theater. The piece was created along with Codarts' Dance Department and Willem de Kooning's Fine Arts Department. Premiered at Codarts' Theatrezaal, Rotterdam.

Live music with film

(Theme and) Variations (2019) – for violin, piano, recorded music and film.

Video art

Another Piece About Football (2019) – collaboration with graphic designer and video artist Alicia Benito.


Not all of my pieces have public recordings. You can find the available ones on my SoundCloud page clicking here:

  • SoundCloud - Círculo Negro

And this is my Vimeo page where I might upload something if I ever have something to upload:



Upcoming events

18 February 2020

Premiere of Softer Than Something That's Really Soft, performed by Decibel at RBC, Birmingham (UK)

28 February 2020

Premiere of Exotic Music For a Penguin, performed by orkest de ereprijs at Gigant, Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)


Contact me here

Or just email me: victoriabenrod@gmail.com